Security on autopilot for data teams

Security automation for data teams, self-service for data consumers.


Automated governance

Spyglass provides proactive insights, removing the guesswork from security best practices, implementing the principle of least privilege, and streamlining your internal audits.

Change Management

Easy to build access

Import your existing Snowflake access rules to Spyglass and start centrally managing your access as code, complete with versioning and change history.

User enablement

Enable self-service

Quickly visualize your access and role hierarchies, empower your data users to request the right access, and enable business units to manage their own security policy.

Introducing Spyglass

We started Spyglass to put security on autopilot for data teams 🔒 ✈️ 💾 Why? Cloud database use cases have changed.

Automate Your Snowflake Access Controls

Let's face it: dealing with access controls is the last thing any data team wants to spend their time on. But what if we told you that managing access could be simple?

Self-Service Data Infrastructure

Your data infrastructure evolved over time — first you had 10 users, now you have 100, or even 1,000. With your first few users, incoming requests for new tables, roles, etc. are easy to handle. But with more than 100 users, these requests take valuable time out of your day.

Introducing Snowflake Access-as-Code

DevOps culture has been making its way into the data ecosystem, which has improved data teams’ ability to secure their customer data at scale.

About Us

Spyglass puts security on autopilot for data teams.

Data teams should spend their time serving their users and innovating for the business, instead of focusing on security and access. Let Spyglass be your security expert, so you can get back to building.

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Security automation for data teams, self-service for data consumers.

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Security automation for data teams, self-service for data consumers.

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